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05/27/11 Dann in reel life: Violence dominates '13 Assassins'
By Dann Gire - Dann reviews Takashi Miike's kinetic, feudal-period action film "13 Assassins," which might as well have been titled "12 Samurai and a Wild Man With a Sling Shot." FULL STORY
05/27/11 'Midnight in Paris' a true delight
By Dann Gire - Woody Allen gets back to the basics in the delightful fantasy "Midnight in Paris," starring an unlikely Owen Wilson as a neurotic writer wistfully wishing he could have lived in Paris during the 1920s. FULL STORY
05/25/11 Sequel no equal to original 'Hangover'
By Dann Gire - "Hangover 2" tries hard to duplicate the elements that made the original so funny and shocking, but by doing so, loses the elements that made the original so funny and shocking. FULL STORY
05/25/11 'Kung Fu Panda 2' bests the original
By Dann Gire - "Kung Fu Panda 2," with its strobe-edited, 3-D action sequences, makes for an engaging, kid-safe adventure that's visually superior to and quicker paced than its 2008 original box-office hit. FULL STORY
05/24/11 How TLC's 'Pawn Queens' came to Naperville
By Dann Gire and Jamie Sotonoff - The two women who own Naperville Jewelry and Loans pawn shop are the stars of the new TLC show "Pawn Queens." FULL STORY
05/23/11 'Windy City Live' moves into Oprah's slot
By Dann Gire Daily Herald film critic - The new show "Windy City Live" takes over Oprah's time slot on ABC TV Thursday, with Ryan Chiaverini and Val Warner hosting and Chicago native Mark DeCarlo doing a local roving reporter thing. DeCarlo talks about his new gig as a Windy City... FULL STORY
05/20/11 Reel life: 'First Grader' a film of hope, darkness
By Dann Gire - First, Dann learns about "Odinsleep." Then he reviews "Louder Than a Bomb" plus "The First Grader." FULL STORY
05/19/11 Suspense sorely lacking in 'Pirates 4'
By Dann Gire - The fourth time is charmless for the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise, now reduced to a series of uninspired action sequences garnished with Johnny Depp's fey and too-familiar Captain Jack Sparrow. FULL STORY
05/16/11 Aurora's Stana Katic wraps up 'Castle' season, moves on to 'Big Sur'
By Dann Gire - West Aurora High School grad relishes work as the star of TV's "Castle" and the upcoming movie "Big Sur." FULL STORY
05/12/11 'SNL' star lights up screen in 'Bridesmaids'
By Dann Gire - "Bridesmaids" is partly an ensemble comedy about the five women selected to stand up with the bride, but this comedy is all about Kristen Wiig, a serio-comic revelation here in a breakthrough role. FULL STORY
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Displaying 671 through 680 of 972 results
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