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06/30/11 Dann in reel life: A peek behind 'Page One'
By Dann Gire - Dann reviews "Page One: Inside The New York Times," plus takes a swipe at quote mongers masquerading as film critics. FULL STORY
06/30/11 'Monte Carlo' packs mixed moral message
By Dann Gire - "Monte Carlo" is a stilted, romantic comedy in denial that it's a wacky Blake Edwards farce with a decidedly mixed moral message. FULL STORY
06/30/11 'Larry Crowne' a fresh take on rekindled love
By Dann Gire - Tom Hanks directs and co-writes "Larry Crowne" as a fresh take on rediscovering romance and reinventing lives in a sincere and optimistic romantic comedy. FULL STORY
06/28/11 Bensenville woman dances in Ricky Martin tour
By Dann Gire and Jamie Sotonoff - Amy Miles, of Bensenville, is one of the dancers on Ricky Martin's tour. And she still gets nervous right before the curtain goes up. "Before the curtain went up, I was, like, 'OK. Let's do this.' But when I looked out to the crowd, my... FULL STORY
06/27/11 Third 'Transformers' a big, silly bore
By Dann Gire - It takes about an hour and a half for Michael Bay's "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" to get to the good stuff. And when I write "good stuff," I really mean the stuff that's not as bad as the stuff in the rest of the movie. FULL STORY
06/23/11 'Bad Teacher' barely earns passing grade
By Dann Gire - Cameron Diaz isn't bad enough to star in a movie called "Bad Teacher," a hit-and-miss comedy that should be forced to stay after school and write "I will be funnier" over and over. FULL STORY
06/23/11 Dann in reel life: 'Buck' takes his own path
By Dann Gire - Dann reviews "Buck," the tale of a horse trainer, and the Norwegian-made "Trollhunter," plus "Conan O'Brien Can't Stop!" Read on for reviews and local movie news. FULL STORY
06/23/11 'Cars 2' moves along, despite underpowered dramatic motor
By Dann Gire - "Cars" the sequel may be faster, noisier and funnier than the original, but it can't touch "Ratatouille," "WALL-E," "Up" or "Toy Story 3" for the character development, clever plotting and... FULL STORY
06/21/11 Glen Ellyn native almost stars in 'Lantern'
By Dann Gire - Glen Ellyn native Amy Carlson spent two weeks filming for "Green Lantern," only to find out her scenes had been cut. And she found that "kind of exciting." FULL STORY
06/17/11 Dann in reel life: So it's a hobo? With a shotgun?
By Dann Gire - Dann reviews "Hobo With a Shotgun" and "The Trip" and makes a few film notes. FULL STORY
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Displaying 651 through 660 of 972 results
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