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07/15/11 Dann in reel life: New doc examines 1978 sex scandal
By Dann Gire - Dann reviews the Errol Morris doc "Tabloid" and responds to being "too tough" on "Transformers: Dark of the Moon." FULL STORY
07/13/11 Boring cast further sickens 'Phase 7' horror film
By Dann Gire - When a virus outbreak forces authorities to quarantine a Buenos Aires apartment building, a man and his pregnant wife discover the real danger might be their neighbors. FULL STORY
07/13/11 Harry embraces his destiny in stirring final chapter
By Dann Gire - The fan-centric "Deathly Hallows: Part 2" sends Harry Potter off in grand fashion, climaxing the film series with a satisfying blend of character and action, although it suffers from an anticlimactic finale and a way-too-dark, even distracting 3D... FULL STORY
07/12/11 Naperville native makes mark on SNL
By Jamie Sotonoff and Dann Gire - When he got the phone call saying he'd been chosen to join the cast of "Saturday Night Live," Paul Brittain didn't react. "I was more in the speechless and in-amazement mode rather than screaming 'Yay!' in the streets,"... FULL STORY
07/08/11 How the Potter movies cast a decade-long spell
By Dann Gire - The best of the seven "Harry Potter" movies thus far remains No. 3, "The Prisoner of Azkaban." Can the eighth movie in the series match or eclipse the quality, imagination and power of Alfonso Cuaron's "Azkaban"?... FULL STORY
07/07/11 Predictable 'Zookeeper' embraces absurd premise
By Dann Gire - The comedy "Zookeeper" has more cliches than animals, yet Kevin James' winning turn as the title character makes it a little better than it should be. FULL STORY
07/07/11 Comically abused workers plot against 'Horrible Bosses'
By Dann Gire - Three of the dumbest employees in America plot to kill their "Horrible Bosses" in the funniest, most corrosive American comedy to hit theaters since "Bridesmaids." FULL STORY
07/07/11 Dann in Reel Life: Star is born in political rom-com
By Dann Gire - Dann reviews "The Names of Love" and "A Better Life" and decides that the "Original Grease" is the one that he wants. FULL STORY
07/05/11 'Flipper' fuels Des Plaines native's movie ambitions
By Dann Gire and Jamie Sotonoff - What's a gaffer? Or a best boy? Well, Declan Ryan of Des Plaines has worked as both. Ryan lives in Barlett and worked on movies such as "Twilight," "The Mechanic" and "Green Lantern." FULL STORY
06/30/11 'Larry Crowne' a fresh take on rekindled love
By Dann Gire - Tom Hanks directs and co-writes "Larry Crowne" as a fresh take on rediscovering romance and reinventing lives in a sincere and optimistic romantic comedy. FULL STORY
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Displaying 641 through 650 of 971 results
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