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04/08/14 ‘Austin Powers' role gold for Buffalo Grove native
By Jamie Sotonoff and Dann Gire - Buffalo Grove native Aaron Himelstein said his attraction to acting boils down to this single word: empathy. "When you don't empathize with other people, that leads to apathy," he said. "So this keeps your heart... FULL STORY
04/03/14 'Lemurs' doc pedestrian to the IMAX
By Dann Gire Daily Herald Film Critic - In the 40-minute documentary "Island of Lemurs: Madagascar," we not only receive a warm and fuzzy oral history of these fascinating primates, we watch these cute and cuddly little guys cavorting in their natural habitat through... FULL STORY
04/03/14 'Captain America' sequel a mixed bag of action, cliches
By Dann Gire Daily Herald Film Critic - "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" directors Anthony Russo and Joe Russo create a non-stop action vehicle with top-drawer visual effects, a testosterone-inducing score by Henry Jackman, surprising revelations and reversals, plus... FULL STORY
04/03/14 'In the Blood' a honeymoon of horror
By Dann Gire - The last time we saw powder keg action star Gina Carano, she busted Channing Tatum's butt all over a diner during the explosive opening sequence of Steven Soderbergh's unjustly ignored 2012 spy thriller "Haywire." In John Stockwell's... FULL STORY
04/03/14 Reel life: The goods and bads of 'Noah'
By Dann Gire - Dann reacts to seeing those petrified fallen angels in Darren Aronofsky's biblical epic "Noah" that resemble a Flintstones' version of "Transformers." He thinks these character would be right at home in another sequel to... FULL STORY
04/01/14 Hoffman Estates cameraman focuses on Hollywood
By Jamie Sotonoff and Dann Gire - David Seekins' job as a Hollywood cameraman comes with rewards -- including hobnobbing with celebrities. But the job also requires long hours and intense attention to detail. "You have a margin of inches. If you're just a... FULL STORY
03/27/14 Reel life: Join Dann for more comedy clips
By Dann Gire - Dann Gire and Raymond Benson present Part 2 of the Greatest Comedy Movies of All Time at the Schaumburg Township District Library. Also, don't miss the Chicago Film Critics Association's screening of Otto Preminger's 1954 western "River of No... FULL STORY
03/20/14 These 'Muppets' not wanted all that much
By Dann Gire Daily Herald Film Critic - At 112 minutes, "Muppets Most Wanted" runs too long and no amount of "surprise" cameos by Tony Bennett, Usher, Celine Deon, Frank Langella, Ty Burrell, and others can abate the feeling we're being strung along. So much... FULL STORY
03/20/14 Futuristic 'Divergent' action-packed, but suspense-starved tale of Chicago on the edge
By Dann Gire Daily Herald Film Critic - "Divergent" propels us into a future world of teen angst and hormonally inspired romance where body, emotion and character are constantly pushed to the breaking point while telling its action-packed tale pitting the individual against a... FULL STORY
03/20/14 Reel life: Bateman breaks out as 'Words' director
By Dann Gire - Time to play Five Questions with Jason Bateman, the popular and critically acclaimed actor now making his directorial debut with "Bad Words," opening this weekend. Then Dann goes after Hollywood screenwriters for murdering the English... FULL STORY
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Displaying 11 through 20 of 971 results
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