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05/12/10 First scholarships awarded in 'Lexi's' honor
By Christie Willhite - Alexa Rae Bertram graduated from Glenbard North with a plan she never had the chance to see through. FULL STORY
05/07/10 Petals for Pets supports suburban Humane Society
By Christie Willhite - The West Suburban Humane Society started in 1972 from humble beginning with a simple mission: to help return lost pets to their owners. FULL STORY
04/22/10 DuPage Woodworkers stress 'learning by sharing'
By Christie Willhite - The thrill is undeniable. You start with a pile of boards, some jars of nails and screws and a shop full of idle tools. A few days (or weeks or months) later, you have something you made that you can show your family and friends. FULL STORY
04/21/10 Food pantry sees donations go down, need go up
By Christie Willhite - Even during times of relative prosperity, an unfortunate number of people find themselves short of money and in need of help to get by. FULL STORY
04/20/10 Want to volunteer? Check out Giving DuPage online, at open house
By Christie Willhite - Say you have a little time that you'd like to spend helping others, but you're not sure how to get started. Check out givingdupage.org. Say you'd like to teach your children about giving back to the community, and you need to find somewhere you can... FULL STORY
04/19/10 Naperville CARES works to help those in need
By Christie Willhite - Like so much of DuPage County, Naperville's reputation says it's a community of people who are financially strong if not downright wealthy. FULL STORY
04/13/10 Center for Arts finding home in Addison
By Christie Willhite - When the dust settles on the extensive additions and renovations at Addison Trail High School, the community will find the building holds a little something for everyone interested in cultural experiences. FULL STORY
03/12/10 DuPage Co.'s Mothers and More puts emphasis on Mom
By Christie Willhite - A lot changes when you become a mom. When that little being comes along you change your priorities, your work schedule and your social life right along with your sleep pattern. And you love it. FULL STORY
03/05/10 Choral-Aires ready to 'Step Into Spring'
By Christie Willhite - If "barbershop music" makes you think of four gentlemen crooning "Sweet Adeline" with straw hats clasped to their chests and bands around their shirt sleeves, you're not alone. FULL STORY
02/17/10 Turning Pointe raising funds to build autism academy
By Christie Willhite - Like most parents, Randy and Kim Wolf want the best for their son Jack. They want to give him opportunities to succeed, both academically and socially. FULL STORY
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Displaying 81 through 90 of 91 results
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