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09/15/12 Bloomingdale teen starts foundation to help others with cystic fibrosis
By Christie Willhite - It'd be easy for Will Belmonte of Bloomingdale to spout excuses and decide there's so much he just can't do. After all, he has cystic fibrosis. Just breathing can be difficult for him, and maintaining his weight is a challenge. But that's not how... FULL STORY
09/06/12 Theosophical Society fest celebrates our differences
By Christie Willhite - Politics, social issues, religion -- at this point in our national history, we Americans seem particularly bent on picking a point of view and sticking to it. We eschew civil discourse and consider compromise a sign of weakness.The Theosophical... FULL STORY
07/28/12 Roselle-based Phil's Friends supports cancer patients through spirituality
By Christie Willhite - We never know how we'd deal with adversity or personal tragedy until we're staring it in the face with no choice but to go through it. We could curl up, wonder why and try to wish it away. Or we could gather our strength and attack it head on, use... FULL STORY
06/20/12 Pair of golf outings support WDSRA's programs for those with special needs
By Christie Willhite - Think of the look on your child's face when he got his first hit or she won her first race. Picture the joy in the accomplishment, the thrill of achieving something he or she didn't know was possible. That's what WDSRA gives children and adults with... FULL STORY
06/11/12 Thousands will participate in Relay For LIfe events this summer
By Christie Willhite - Nearly every weekend this summer, hundreds of people will fight cancer with every step they take. As they circle high school tracks or walk through parks, they'll show cancer they won't stop until there's a cure for the disease. They'll walk through... FULL STORY
05/16/12 Wheaton walks aims to stamp out Huntington's disease
By Christie Willhite - Dave and Susie Hodgson know the stats as well as anyone: Huntington's disease usually strikes adults in their 30s or 40s; one in 10,000 Americans has Huntington's; none will survive. But what the Sandwich couple knows better than most is what those... FULL STORY
05/12/12 New Naperville group brings moms, daughters closer through philanthropy
By Christie Willhite - As moms, we have a lot we want to pass along to our daughters -- lessons our own mothers gave us, values we hope our girls will instill in their own children one day. We give advice. We recognize traits in ourselves that we absorbed from watching... FULL STORY
05/07/12 Run Like A Mother 5K raising money for agency that battles homelessness
By Christie Willhite - In some ways, Yvonne Heller's story is no different from many of the women she'll run alongside Sunday. Heller, 42, was nervous to sign up for the Run Like A Mother race. She wasn't in her best shape. And her family is working through more important... FULL STORY
04/26/12 March for Babies funds research to help premature infants
By Christie Willhite - Hundreds of parents will be walking together Sunday, April 29, brought together by experiences none of them expected to share. None of those parents thought they'd bring their babies into the world as much as three months early. None wanted to reach... FULL STORY
04/13/12 Naperville's Spring Ahead Race changes teens' lives
By Christie Willhite - Transforming lives. It's a big goal, a lofty promise. And yet it's a daily job description for the staff and volunteers at 360 Youth Services. Miguel Caballero of Naperville has seen 360 Youth as both a participant and a volunteer. Today, he tells... FULL STORY
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Displaying 31 through 40 of 91 results
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