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02/09/11 Owl vs. Chihuahua earns Chico fame
By Burt Constable - On one end of the leash was a yelling, flailing man. On the other end was a hungry Great Horned Owl. And a little 4-pound Chihuahua named Chico was hanging in the balance, not knowing if the next moment would return him to his loving owners in... FULL STORY
02/07/11 Auto show's economic models sport figures to rev recovery
By Burt Constable - Economists debating leading economic indicators might give us insight into our recovery from the recession, but you also can learn something just be studying models and the Chicago Auto Show. FULL STORY
02/05/11 If you're not too sore to clap, give snowmobilers a hand
By Burt Constable - After a week of record snow, trapped cars and frigid temperatures, most suburbanites are ready to rest their aching shoveling shoulders and sit by the fire. But the winter is just beginning for local snowmobilers, who finally have a winter to enjoy. FULL STORY
02/02/11 After decade of wimpy, winter restores Big Shoulders rep
By Burt Constable - After a decade of wimpy winters coming in on little cat feet, Chicago regains its reputation as the city where snow falls on big shoulders. FULL STORY
01/31/11 Small gestures of good, bad leave lasting marks on kids
By Burt Constable - Bullied and feeling as if he didn't belong, 13-year-odl Michael Spivak of Buffalo Grove tried to kill himself. Now 32, the bisexual man reaches out to thank those who helped him, and to encourage teachers, adults and kids to make life better now for... FULL STORY
01/26/11 Creativity bridges gap between Geneva and Africa slums
By Burt Constable - Founder of a design firm in Geneva, Justin Ahrens longed to use his design skills in a way to do more than sell products. So, he decided to save Africa. FULL STORY
01/19/11 25 years ago, thrill of victory warmed Bears fans
By Burt Constable - Sunday's titanic Bears-Packer clash rekindles memories of a frigid Bears playoff win 25 years ago. A 12-year-old in the stands for that game, Brady Smith of Barrington, grew up to make his own impact in the playoffs as an NFL player. FULL STORY
01/17/11 Mundelein man becomes fitness trainer at 80
By Burt Constable - As a octogenarian who recently earned his physicial fitness training certificate, Burton Fischman of Mundelein is teaching a fitness class at Vernon Hills High School. But the retired college professor has an insatiable appetite for knowledge of... FULL STORY
01/14/11 Rusty leaves suburbs, stays in hearts
By Burt Constable - As the end to a week burdened with the inevitable weight of death and taxes, six dozen people gather in the early morning subfreezing temperatures of a suburban parking lot not to mourn or protest, but to see a little dog named Rusty off to his new... FULL STORY
01/12/11 Man with disabilities closer to freedom
By Burt Constable - The apparent settlement of a lingering civil rights lawsuit against the state will let people with developmental disabilities move out of large state institutions if they desire. David Cicarelli, whose is a plaintiff in that suit and whose parents... FULL STORY
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Displaying 441 through 450 of 598 results
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