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02/25/11 Foster dad steps up to help homeless Conant student
By Burt Constable - Homeless for much of his life, 18-year-old Anthony "Richie" Lemus left Boys Town and came back to the suburbs with a goal of graduating from Conant High School in Hoffman Estates. The teen is on track to graduate thanks to a longtime foster dad who... FULL STORY
02/23/11 Bulb ban alters Easy-Bake recipe
By Burt Constable - The rise of green energy and the demise of incandescent light bulbs is putting an end to an iconic toy for generations of suburbanites _ the light bulb-powered Easy-Bake Oven. But don't worry, the folks at Hasbro are cooking up a greener version of... FULL STORY
02/21/11 Can video games prepare kids for driving in real world?
By Burt Constable - While we parents frequently complain about the video games played by today's youth, I must concede that driving games have made all of these kids, even our 11-year-old, better drivers than I was after I got my first driver's license. FULL STORY
02/18/11 You can make dent in $14 trillion debt
By Burt Constable - While we wait for politicians to deal with our record national debt that tops $14 trillion, some patriotic Americans are whipping out their Discover cards and making a dent. FULL STORY
02/16/11 What comes after a trillion?
By Burt Constable - Those few suburbanites who were urging politicians to make tough choices during our salad days of a $5 trillion debt see one good aspect of our current budget woes. Maybe a $14 trillion debt will persuade Americans to pay more attention. FULL STORY
02/15/11 Marilyn Monroe turns into Mt. Prospect impersonator's best friend
By Burt Constable - Sheri Winklelmann's production company provides celebrity impersonators for Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack, but when customers starting requesting a Marilyn Monroe, Winkelmann jumped into the role herself. FULL STORY
02/15/11 Local author's play asks real questions of love
By Burt Constable - Now that the curtain has closed on Valentine's Day and all that fluffy, phony pretend love, we can hunker down with the real story of love in the suburbs. Local author and attorney Bruce Steinberg of St. Charles explored the topic in his novel, "My... FULL STORY
02/11/11 Romance fixture for musicians of the baroque
By Burt Constable - It would be a nice, romantic Valentine's Day story if Music of the Baroque is the glue that binds co-principal trumpeters Charles Geyer and Barbara Butler. But it takes more than Mozart to make this marriage work. FULL STORY
02/09/11 Owl vs. Chihuahua earns Chico fame
By Burt Constable - On one end of the leash was a yelling, flailing man. On the other end was a hungry Great Horned Owl. And a little 4-pound Chihuahua named Chico was hanging in the balance, not knowing if the next moment would return him to his loving owners in... FULL STORY
02/07/11 Auto show's economic models sport figures to rev recovery
By Burt Constable - Economists debating leading economic indicators might give us insight into our recovery from the recession, but you also can learn something just be studying models and the Chicago Auto Show. FULL STORY
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Displaying 431 through 440 of 596 results
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