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04/27/11 Billboards pit rat vs. girl in life-and-death struggle
By Burt Constable - New billboards that popped up in Palatine, Elk Grove Village, Northbrook, Wood Dale and Des Plaines are making people do their own math to determine if a white rat with a long tail is the same as an adorable little girl. FULL STORY
04/26/11 Nothing brings out neighborliness like a cat up a tree
By Burt Constable - It's after midnight on a school night and my wife is near the top of a 16-foot ladder leaning against a tree, trying to hoist a laundry basket containing a bowl of tuna fish. And watching it all from a perch on a limb near the top of our neighbor's... FULL STORY
04/24/11 Local biker with disability joins cross-country TV journey
By Burt Constable - Avid bicyclists, Doug and Dianne Jones of Lake Barrington don't let age or Dianne's disability prevent them from taking a long and meaningful bike ride. The couple biked from Chicago to Cleveland as part of a TV show to bring awareness to peripheral... FULL STORY
04/20/11 Stakes the same, but Blago buzz has faded
By Burt Constable - The retrial on Rod Blagojevich feels like a second wedding. The legal ramifications are the same as in that first corruption trial, but the show seems much more modest. FULL STORY
04/18/11 Rules for officeholders go beyond 'Don't sell Senate seat'
By Burt Constable - While our impeached felon of an ex-governor prepares for the start of his corruption retrial, a whole slate of newly elected candidates must learn the dos and don'ts of of the most highly regulated jobs in America -- that of a public official. FULL STORY
04/15/11 Opa! 15 years of Passover Seder at Greek-owned eatery
By Burt Constable - What started 15 years ago as favor to a loyal Jewish customer at a neighborhood restaurant has blossomed into a packed and joyful Passover Seder celebration that reminds the Greek Orthodox owner of his family Easter dinners back in Cyprus. FULL STORY
04/13/11 Arab Christians pull Willow Creek leader into Middle East
By Burt Constable - Having spent her entire adult life working to build the Christian community at Willow Creek Community Church in Barrington, Lynne Hybels doesn't back away from controversial issues outside the church's walls. On Friday, she's speaking to a... FULL STORY
04/12/11 Not curiosity, rather innocuous stuff, nearly kills our cat
By Burt Constable - Romantics are smitten with the notion that curiosity is what kills cats. Having grown up on a farm, I would compile a feline mortality list that ranks curiosity far behind a lackadaisical attitude about hay-balers, tractor tires, horse troughs,... FULL STORY
04/07/11 Not easy to say Na, Na, Goodbye to Sox organist
By Burt Constable - She left the White Sox with a World Series ring and her own bobblehead, but how easy will it be for longtime Sox organist Nancy Faust to miss her first Opening Day game in 42 years? FULL STORY
04/04/11 First ski attempt in 30 years cut short by Schoolmarm
By Burt Constable - After a 30-year hiatus from skiing, I gladly hit the slopes with the family for spring break in Colorado. My Ski Patrol rescuer is even happier about my decision, as my blown left knee vaults her into a first-place tie for most rescues. FULL STORY
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Displaying 411 through 420 of 598 results
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