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02/23/14 Wheaton dad to run in hopes daughter can walk
By Burt Constable - Motivated by his daughter who can't walk, Bill Babiarz of Wheaton is committed to running. To raise awareness and funds for the fight against Rett syndrome -- the genetic, neurological disorder that robbed Cammy of the ability to talk, walk and... FULL STORY
02/18/14 Des Plaines man takes care of all his neighbors' snow
By Burt Constable - Every neighborhood seems to have one: that kind soul who mans a snowblower to help out the elderly, sick, widowed and even healthy, fit people with snow shovels. Doing good deeds is not something he sets out to do, says Jim Sieburg, who started... FULL STORY
02/16/14 Bible tattoos attract a following for Arlington Hts. native
By Burt Constable - The Arlington Heights native who sells temporary tattoos of Bible verses remembers when he was scolded for wearing a henna tattoo as a kid at Christian Liberty Academy. While the cast of "Duck Dynasty" loves his tattoo idea, not all Christians think... FULL STORY
02/14/14 Decades-old letters a gift from now-deceased wife
By Burt Constable - Widowed after 41 years of marriage, a Buffalo Grove man discovers the perfect present from his late wife: a box of the old letters that show why they fell in love. "I was missing her one day and wanted to be with her," Dennis Depcik... FULL STORY
02/11/14 Ringo love set in sidewalk stone and contest winner's memory
By Burt Constable - The Beatles, like winter, seem to be hanging around far longer than anyone might have anticipated. Still, I am skeptical when readers assure me that Ringo's daily presence in the suburbs has been set in stone for almost half a century. Often... FULL STORY
02/09/14 Mount Prospect man loves valentines of old
By Burt Constable - A lover of fresh ideas and grand schemes, Mount Prospect's Lloyd Levin appreciates the forgotten charms of his vast Valetine's Day card collection that boasts romantic greetings from the 1800s. "I was brought up in a time when you wooed your... FULL STORY
02/06/14 Rolling Meadows woman to leave greenhouse where joy blossomed
By Burt Constable - No matter how cold it gets this winter, Penny Bailey escapes to her 75-degree paradise in Rolling Meadows. Now widowed and about to move into a senior living facility, she is selecting a few plants from her greenhouse to move with her. "I... FULL STORY
02/04/14 Sweatlodge's ethnic melting pot offers escape from winter
By Burt Constable - The polar vortex still has its grip on us, but one suburban man really knows how to thaw out by hitting the sweatlodge. "It's kind of Russian tradition to go to sauna and go to cold water," Wheeling resident Igor Mikhno, 32, says... FULL STORY
02/02/14 Suburbanites recall Beatlemania's arrival 50 years ago
By Burt Constable - It might have happened 50 years ago, but the memories of The Beatles coming to America still bring out the teenage girl in many suburbanites. "Even today, when I hear a Beatles song, I can get that same feeling as when I was 13 or 15,"... FULL STORY
01/30/14 Inventor's crusade against fractions may be 5/16ths done
By Burt Constable - An engineer, author, inventor, historian, toymaker and activist when called, 85-year-old Ed Evenson is on a new quest: to rid our schools of fractions. "What I do now is write for the grandkids -- things I think they should know about,... FULL STORY
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Displaying 21 through 30 of 598 results
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