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01/12/11 Who is Jay Cutler? Good question
By Bob LeGere - BGetting to know Jay Cutler appears to be the goal this week, at least for some out-of-towners who have strained the capacity of the pressroom at Halas Hall. (Think bigger than a breadbox but not big enough to swing a cat.) FULL STORY
01/12/11 They've come a long way, baby
By Bob LeGere - Most of the names are the same from the Week 6 loss to the Seahawks -- but it will be a different Bears offense that takes the field for Sunday's rematch. FULL STORY
01/11/11 Looking back on all the Bears' breaks this season
By Bob LeGere - Getting the sub-.500 Seattle Seahawks at home on Sunday is just the latest stroke of good fortune that seems to have followed the Bears all season. FULL STORY
01/10/11 Lack of effort on Lynch TD run appalling to Bears
By Bob LeGere - Bears players who saw the 67-yard game-clinching TD run by Seattle's Marshawn Lynch, who broke six tackles along the way, were amazed by his determination -- and almost as appalled at the Saints' tackling. FULL STORY
01/09/11 Bears catch another break: Seahawks (8-9) up next
By Bob LeGere - After a regular season filled with good luck, the Bears get to open the postseason against the team with the worst record to ever make it to the playoffs in a non-strike season. But that might not be quite the advantage it was considered before the... FULL STORY
01/07/11 Bears' Jennings, Moore not afraid to hit
By Bob LeGere - Starting cornerback Tim Jennings and nickel corner D.J. Moore are easily the two smallest players on the Bears' defense, but both pack a big punch. FULL STORY
01/06/11 Big bonus: Bears will have all hands on deck
By Bob LeGere - The Bears have been incredibly fortunate all season in terms of health, and their good fortune appears as if it will carry into the postseason. Safety Chris Harris suffered a stinger near the end of the regular-season finale. FULL STORY
01/06/11 Angelo impressed with Bears' resiliency, not talent
By Bob LeGere - General manager Jerry Angelo, the architect who built the NFC North champion Bears, doesn't believe this team is the most talented since he took over after the 2000 season. "I don't see this as a team with great talent," Angelo said,... FULL STORY
01/05/11 Will lack of playoff experience hurt Cutler, Forte, Knox and others?
By Bob LeGere - When it comes to playoff football, experience is an extremely valuable commodity. But seven key members of the Bears' offense will be playing in their first postseason game on Jan. 16 at Soldier Field. That group includes quarterback Jay Cutler,... FULL STORY
01/03/11 Bears need return to offensive balance
By Bob LeGere - As the Bears begin preparations for the playoffs, their curious offensive play-calling in Sunday's loss at Green Bay should remind them of the formula they used to win seven of eight games before the regular-season finale. FULL STORY
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Displaying 1311 through 1320 of 1751 results
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