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02/08/11 Pujols to Cubs? Crazier things have happened
By Barry Rozner - With less than a week to go before the Albert Pujols contract deadline passes in St. Louis, it's just about time for speculation to begin in earnest. So with the two sides far apart, could the potential free-agent slugger wind up with the Cubs in... FULL STORY
02/07/11 Packers' future looks scary for Bears fans
By Barry Rozner - There are so many reasons to be intimidated by the prospect of Green Bay Packers football. FULL STORY
02/03/11 What about Cutler the QB?
By Barry Rozner - If you're sick to the point of nausea over the Jay Cutler story, raise your hand and by all means cover your mouth. FULL STORY
02/02/11 Otto the right guy for Cubs radio
By Barry Rozner - Out of respect for Ron Santo, you can certainly understand why the decision makers have taken their time finding a replacement to sit alongside Pat Hughes in the Cubs' radio booth. FULL STORY
01/27/11 Cutler bashing may never end
By Barry Rozner - All week long I have defended Jay Cutler, no easy task as there's so much about him to criticize.And all week long I've been getting the same question: How can you be so sure he was seriously injured? So let's try this again. FULL STORY
01/26/11 No reason to extend Lovie's contract yet
By Barry Rozner - Of course Jerry Angelo wants a new contract for Lovie Smith. The Bears GM is signed through 2013 and he'd like to avoid another coaching search, especially since he went through half the contacts in his cell phone before he found one last time FULL STORY
01/24/11 Angelo, Smith have let Cutler down
By Barry Rozner - Jay Cutler was injured Sunday. Period. The evidence was there for anyone willing to accept it. FULL STORY
01/23/11 Bizarre controversy fitting end to bizarre Bears season
By Barry Rozner - A Bears season that began with the Calvin Johnson catch that wasn't was destined from the start to end in the most unusual of ways. FULL STORY
01/20/11 Bears have enough to handle Packers
By Barry Rozner - Packers envy is not without its reason. For most of the season, they've been the best team in the NFC. Aaron Rodgers has been the best quarterback in the conference. FULL STORY
01/19/11 Tight ends factor again? Not even Bears know
By Barry Rozner - No NFL player wants to be left out. But it feels so totally out of nowhere when a Greg Olsen or a Kellen Davis suddenly shows up in the offense after being invisible for weeks or months. FULL STORY
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Displaying 561 through 570 of 759 results
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