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03/14/11 Jordan comparisons unfair to Rose
By Barry Rozner - Derrick Rose is the MVP, he's among the top five players in the NBA today, and there probably aren't but a few players in the country you'd rather have on your team. But he's not Michael Jordan. FULL STORY
03/10/11 One last opportunity for Hawks to celebrate Cup
By Barry Rozner - Blackhawks should enjoy every minute of visit to White House. FULL STORY
03/09/11 Tiger will win again, but when?
By Barry Rozner - It's fair to say now that I was wrong about how much his scandal would affect Tiger Woods on the golf course. As in, way wrong. At the time I didn't grasp the depth of his transgressions, or that it would ultimately cost him his family. FULL STORY
03/02/11 White Sox can't afford mistake with Peavy
By Barry Rozner - It's official: White Sox fans are catching Jake Peavy fever. FULL STORY
03/01/11 Toews always leading the way for Hawks
By Barry Rozner - Congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks for shaking off their extended hangover in time to join the Western Conference playoff chase. FULL STORY
02/28/11 Hawks find defensive help on deadline day
By Barry Rozner - One thing Stan Bowman proved the last two years is that when he says he's going to sign someone, he does it. The latest is Brent Seabrook, another recipient of a massive contract, and yet another defenseman making huge money. FULL STORY
02/25/11 Bears didn't need to extend Lovie's deal
By Barry Rozner - There are so many reasons why the Bears shouldn't have extended Lovie Smith's contract for two more years Friday, but if you only need one memory to keep you warm during these next three winters, it's this: FULL STORY
02/24/11 Bulls gain more than just a victory
By Barry Rozner - Great game. Wild finish. Fun night. But it was just one game, and the Bulls' 93-89 victory over Miami on Thursday night at the UC will have little impact on the playoffs that begin almost two months from now. FULL STORY
02/23/11 Blackhawks' Seabrook popular topic in NHL
By Barry Rozner - Whether or not the Blackhawks like it, there is a Brent Seabrook buzz around the league right now. FULL STORY
02/22/11 Bulls players like team as is
By Barry Rozner - By the time Joakim Noah returns Wednesday night, the Bulls will have only a few hours until the Thursday trade deadline to make a decision. FULL STORY
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