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02/20/14 Bears' LB experiment worth a shot
By Barry Rozner - The Bears' move of Shea McClellin to linebacker seems desperate or even goofy, until you listen to Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin. Then, suddenly, the Bears sound logical. FULL STORY
02/18/14 Thibodeau continues to needle Bulls bosses
By Barry Rozner - John Paxson knows what Tom Thibodeau is doing. He's poking and prodding Paxson at every turn, trying to force the Bulls to let him go, make them so miserable that they have to get him out of town. FULL STORY
02/16/14 NFL must address this sad lack of leadership
By Barry Rozner - The report on Richie Incognito's abuse of Jonathan Martin reveals a failure of NFL leadership, a failure of friendship and a failure of men to act like men. It's despicable. FULL STORY
02/16/14 Will it be USA-Russia rematch for gold?
By Barry Rozner - As is always the case in a world tournament, the top prize is there for Canada in Olympic hockey. They always have the best team and they always have the best chance to win, but right now the Americans are playing much better, and the two seem... FULL STORY
02/11/14 Football reality setting in for Michael Sam
By Barry Rozner - Michael Sam will have to be on a team with a strong locker room, with leaders who can control a clubhouse, and with a head coach willing to overcome whatever distractions are caused by increased media presence. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick come to... FULL STORY
02/10/14 Michael Sam more than right man at right time
By Barry Rozner - From the utter depths of despair, the mind-numbing pain of childhood heartbreak, this extraordinary man, Michael Sam, has arrived and thrived and presented himself to the world. This can't be an accident. This can't be coincidence. There is a reason... FULL STORY
02/09/14 Cubs' mixed messages make mess
By Barry Rozner - With someone from the Cubs leaking bad information about stories like Joe Girardi and Masahiro Tanaka, it leaves fans wondering if anyone with the Cubs is telling the truth about anything, when the baseball side has done nothing but remain open... FULL STORY
02/09/14 Blackhawks living up to post-Cup promise
By Barry Rozner - After winning it all last June, the Blackhawks promised each other that they would be ready to go when the season began. They didn't want a repeat of the miserable season that followed their first Stanley Cup win. And they have lived up to their... FULL STORY
02/04/14 Kings deliver Blackhawks loud wake-up call
By Barry Rozner - The Los Angeles Kings gave the Blackhawks a physical pounding Monday night, but as has been the case the last two seasons, the Hawks were able to overcome. It bodes well for a long playoff run. FULL STORY
02/03/14 Defenses can dominate, but teams still need great QBs
By Barry Rozner - Brilliant defenses have won Super Bowls and brilliant offenses have won Super Bowls. It doesn't change the simple fact that you must have a pass rush, running game and great QB to consistently win in the NFL. FULL STORY
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Displaying 31 through 40 of 758 results
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