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03/05/14 Post-deadline, Blackhawks' Bowman likes his team
By Barry Rozner - Being up against the cap meant little chance of the Blackhawks making a huge move Wednesday unless a major player was dealt off the roster, and there was no chance of that happening since the Hawks love their team as is. FULL STORY
03/04/14 Cubs must know which can't-miss will miss
By Barry Rozner - The Cubs' farm system is loaded, but the key is being able to scout your own players, evaluate honestly without falling in love, and then figuring out before anyone else does which ones will make it, and which ones won't. FULL STORY
03/02/14 Hawks' No. 2 line work in progress again
By Barry Rozner - The Blackhawks continue to search for a second line down the stretch, as Patrick Kane finds a way to make it work with whomever he draws. FULL STORY
03/01/14 Once again, Toews upstages Crosby
By Barry Rozner - Winter it most certainly was. Classic it was not. Amid blizzard conditions, the NHL Stadium Series probably looked beautiful on TV Saturday night when the Blackhawks hosted the Penguins, but it was anything other than cute for the players trying to... FULL STORY
02/27/14 Blackhawks begin sprint for Stanley Cup
By Barry Rozner - Now begins the NHL Sprint Cup, a torturous 22 games in 45 days for the Blackhawks. Joel Quenneville is tasked with trying to keep the Hawks near the top of the Western Conference, but knowing he can't burn out his players before the... FULL STORY
02/27/14 Why Michael Sam matters
By Barry Rozner - There's more than enough proof of contempt for anyone that is different, that bigotry is alive and well and festering in the homes of millions of Americans. That's not going away any time soon -- and that is precisely why we are... FULL STORY
02/26/14 Big season crucial for Castro, Cubs
By Barry Rozner - On Opening Day, Starlin Castro will be 24 years old. It's difficult to remember at times, since he's already played just shy of four full big-league seasons, and more than 600 games. But, yes, he's still a young player and learning the game at the... FULL STORY
02/23/14 Long goodbye begins in earnest for Konerko
By Barry Rozner - Paul Konerko wanted one more chance to see a few places and a few people he would not have had the chance to see again had he not signed on for one more season. The White Sox have given him that gift. FULL STORY
02/20/14 Bears' LB experiment worth a shot
By Barry Rozner - The Bears' move of Shea McClellin to linebacker seems desperate or even goofy, until you listen to Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin. Then, suddenly, the Bears sound logical. FULL STORY
02/18/14 Thibodeau continues to needle Bulls bosses
By Barry Rozner - John Paxson knows what Tom Thibodeau is doing. He's poking and prodding Paxson at every turn, trying to force the Bulls to let him go, make them so miserable that they have to get him out of town. FULL STORY
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Displaying 21 through 30 of 756 results
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