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03/28/17 How a Downers Grove filmmaker turned being robbed into a ‘success story'
By Jamie Sotonoff and Dann Gire jsotonoff@dailyherald.com - An armed robbery drove filmmaker Matthew Aaron from Los Angeles -- and paved the way for him to write, produce, direct and star in three low-budget comedies since 2015. FULL STORY
03/24/17 Pena, Shepard take 'CHiPs' off the TV block
By Dann Gire Daily Herald Film Critic - Film critic Dann Gire chats with "CHiPs" stars Michael Pena and Dax Shepard, plus previews upcoming suburban movie events. FULL STORY
03/23/17 Woody Harrelson's curmudgeonly charm fails misanthropic mess 'Wilson'
By Dann Gire Daily Herald Film Critic - Tom Hanks' volleyball buddy from "Cast Away" exudes more sympathy than this "Wilson," starring Woody Harrelson as a misanthropic mess trying to find love in a cold and confusing world. It's based on a graphic... FULL STORY
03/23/17 Supernatural 'Dig Two Graves' a stylish gothic film set in Southern Illinois
By Dann Gire Daily Herald Film Critic - Former Chicago actor Ted Levine leads a strong cast in "Dig Two Graves," Hunter Adams' rural Illinois nightmare with Kubrickian visions and a sinister score. A girl makes a deal with a gypsy to bring her deceased brother back to... FULL STORY
03/23/17 'CHiPs' are down: Ponch goes raunch in R-rated revamp
By Dann Gire Daily Herald Film Critic - Michael Pena and writer/director Dax Shepard star in a randy, R-rated take on the inoffensive 1977 NBC TV series "CHiPs," a lowbrow action comedy of the sort usually released during the waning weeks of summer. FULL STORY
03/21/17 Palatine songwriter Andrew Ripp's career got help from Bears' Singletary
By Jamie Sotonoff and Dann Gire - Singer/songwriter Andrew Ripp, who grew up in Palatine, describes his wild career ride these past few years, which got started with the help from famous Chicago Bears player Mike Singletary. FULL STORY
03/16/17 Facets Kids Film Camp finally invades suburbs!
By Dann Gire Daily Herald Film Critic - Chicago's not-for-profit arts organization Facets Multimedia finally brings its popular Kids Summer Film Camp to the suburbs. The immersive, hands-on training program comes to students ages 7 to 14 in Lake Forest and Lisle. FULL STORY
03/15/17 'Beauty and the Beast' a faithful but less magical remake of Disney classic
By Dann Gire Daily Herald Film Critic - Emma Watson trades in Hermione's books for Belle's in Bill Condon's "Beauty and the Beast," a visual effects-dominated remake of Walt Disney's 1991 animated classic musical fantasy. FULL STORY
03/14/17 Animator from West Chicago gives 'Beauty and the Beast' a visual boost
By Jamie Sotonoff and Dann Gire - If Disney filmmaker Matthew Doll does his job right on the upcoming live-action film "Beauty and the Beast," you'll never be able to tell the visual effects from the real thing. Doll hails from West Chicago and hopes to return home to... FULL STORY
03/09/17 'Brimstone' a feminist horror tale in a Wild West costume
By Dann Gire Daily Herald Film Critic - Dakota Fanning and Guy Pearce buttress "Brimstone" with passionate conviction, but this Wild West chamber of feminist horrors remains a sordid and exploitative romp through a nihilistic frontier of grotesque cruelties. FULL STORY
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Displaying 1 through 10 of 1,732 results
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